The current state of play in WA hospitality with winemaker Larry Cherubino

Winemaker and venue owner Larry Cherubino believes the little things matter when it comes to offering the best service in his venues. We chatted to him about the current state of play in the hospitality landscape in WA and what he looks for in potential candidates. 

Now that the world is re-opening and people are moving around the globe with a lot more freedom, how do you see the hospitality recruitment landscape in 2023? 
We’re noticing an influx of international hospitality professionals who are really keen to work. They have a great approach to customer service too, which is critical when it comes to training, as they’re already halfway there. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to really make their mark in the industry this year?Take your time to understand what the venue you’re working in is all about. The customer has to leave feeling happy, and this is something we impress upon our teams every day. Living and breathing the venue’s brand is the best way to ensure a really positive experience for guests, it will feel authentic and flow through every part of their dining experience. 

What are the three top things you look for in a potential candidate?
Above all else we look for good character as well as a positive outlook and someone who is willing to learn. 

What kind of “on the job” experiences can people expect at your venues?
At our venues, we try to impart three main lessons: the customer is always right; attention to detail is incredibly important; and the little things matter. Sometimes it’s that 1 per cent extra that creates a lasting impression with a customer, so we’re always pushing our team to go above and beyond wherever possible.