WA Good Food Guide, like many hospitality businesses and producers, is a small, independent business. The fees charged to post an ad are to cover the set-up cost of the Jobs. website platform (build), SEO, SEM and social media marketing to attract new job seekers as well as the internal management of the social media channels for Jobs. and our facebook group.

WAGFG is committed to investing all income into Jobs. into the platform in 2022. Look out for a special announcement at our WAGFG Awards Night in October around posting rewards for our 2022 Top 100.


WAGFG Job ads are priced at $300 + gst and are live on the site for month-long period from the time of posting, or to the time which the ad is removed after a successful appointment is made.

There is a premium option available for $350 + gst which gives you rotational access on the homepage and a top listing on the search page. Note the price for premium listings is subject to change in the future.

If you would like to receive an invoice instead of using a credit card, please email team@wagoodfoodguide.com

Job Listing Example

Premium Listing Example

All transactions receive a tax invoice via the Stripe payment system.