Welcome to our help page.

What’s cool about Jobs. is that we are based right here in WA, so you can send an email and we will get back to you within two hours of receipt of your message, during business hours. Don’t forget to include your number and if you’d prefer, we can give you a call.

Is it free to register on Jobs.?

It sure is.

Is there a cost associated with posting a job?

The first job post is free. It costs $200 +gst for a standard option and $250 +gt for a premium option. Refer to the pricing section on the platform for details.

Larger companies may choose an annual subscription where you can pay a one-off fee and post unlimited job ads for a twelve-month period. This is via application only, and we’ll give you a call to discuss what extras this includes.

You cannot post multiple jobs under one listing – e.g. looking for multiple roles across FOH and BOH – this disrupts the search function, please respect these guidelines.

2023 Top 100 venues and Top 15 Bars can access job ads for 12 months for $60 + gst.

Where does my ad appear?

Your ad appears on our Jobs. site under the relevant category and is featured on your homepage and ‘top of list’ if you’ve chosen that option. We also share your ad on our Jobs. Instagram page, facebook page and some ads also get featured on the WA Good Food Guide Instagram page at the discretion of our editorial team.

How long do my ads last?

Ads run for a maximum of one month and can also be removed earlier if your position is filled.

What information should I include in the job description?

Include details such as the job title, responsibilities, qualifications, salary (if applicable), company information, location, and application instructions. Be clear and concise to attract the right candidates.

Can I edit my ads after I posted them?

You sure can! – You can edit these any times as you like within the month. Head to the dashboard after you have logged in.

What happens when my job posting expires?

When a job posting expires, it will no longer be visible to candidates. You can renew it if needed or create a new job posting.

How do I create a job posting on this platform?

To create a job posting, you need to create an account and then log in to your account and access your dashboard. You can then post a job and follow the prompts to customise your job role and post it.

Can I pause my job ad?

Yes when you edit your job ad, there is an option to hide it from the site.

What kind of image best suits the listing?

A landscape type image would suit the most. As a guide, an image that is 800px wide x 400px high.

I didn’t get my activation email?

Please check your junk folder. Alternatively contact wagfg.jobs@monk.com.au.

Where do I see applications?

Job applications will be emailed to you but you can also view them all via your dashboard once logged in.

Can I pay via account?

If you’d like to be invoiced, please fill in this form and we can arrange this for you. Invoiced payments attract a 20% processing fee. We suggest an annual subscription if you plan to post regularly.

Do you have any tips for an effective ad?

Have a good think about the opportunity, your core values and what you can offer from a training perspective. Try and articulate your company culture in the best way you can. 

Include mandatory requirements to avoid time wasting applications. Keep it short and punchy.